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Scotch College - Headmaster's Newsletter


The act of remembering [TOP]

This week in all three sub-Schools we are commemorating Remembrance Day. It is an opportunity to stand in silence at 11am on 11 November and remember those who died in conflicts in the First World War and in other conflicts since. This day and hour were chosen because they were the time that hostilities concluded in 1918.
Remembering is such an important act for young people to learn. In remembering, we still our busy lives to consider something beyond the immediate. We are not entertained by something on a screen and we are not trapped by the sound and speed of life. Rather, in remembering, we stand aside from the normal routine to consider. We have the opportunity to consider the past, to consider others and to consider ourselves. 
In remembering, we evoke something that is deeply human. We bring to life the stories of our past. We bring to life again the people who have influenced and changed our lives. These voices from the past find new voice and speak to us across the years and can be as real as when they originally occurred.
At a dinner recently I was recounting acts of kindness shown towards me that changed how I do things today. In retelling these stories of generosity and care, I continue to make them part of my life today. They interact with me and define who I am and also remind me of what is very good in the lives of others.
So it is also when we remember national events such as Remembrance Day. No current people were involved. It is not a lived experience. However, it is in the reflection about what these events mean that we appropriate these things for our life today. Remembering in this way is not a glorification but rather a consideration of what others have done. They too are acts of kindness and generosity towards a generation still to be born.
Helping boys understand this dynamic is an important life lesson that will occur again and again throughout their adult lives.

Revd A P Syme

All School Matters


The Annual Appeal 2010 will allow funds to be released from the Building Fund to erect a shade structure over the Senior School canteen area. Let's complete the project in time for summer!

Gifts are tax deductible. Donation forms available from Senior School reception, May Clan or Scotch website under Community.

Thank you to the families and individuals who have given their support to this exciting project.


The Dickinson Centre will host the Junior School Presentation Afternoon on Wednesday 1 December at 2pm. On Thursday 2 December the Middle School Speech Night will be held commencing at 6.30pm. The Senior School Speech night is to be held on Friday 3 December and it also commences at 6.30pm. Parking will be available on the playing fields, entrance to which is from the northern end of Stirling Road.


Herb is here!

After weeks of promos and teasers, it is now confirmed that Scotch College's cuisine maestros, Head Chef, Herb Faust, ably assisted by Catering Manager, Brett Barrett, will appear on our television next Tuesday night.

IRON CHEF AUSTRALIA is the original sports-meets-cooking challenge between the best chefs in the country and those who aspire to be. The original Iron Chef series is a concept originally from Japan, and is a favourite of foodies all over the world.

More at home whipping up delicious meals for Scotch Boarders, Herb Faust will be cooking in front of cameras in a timed battle built around a secret ingredient. Herb and his team must prepare four dishes using the ingredient in every dish, with the completed menu presented to a respected judging trio. They will determine whose cuisine will reign supreme on IRON CHEF AUSTRALIA.

Watch Herb challenge Guy Grossi this Tuesday 9 November at 7.30 pm on Channel 7.


National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week will be celebrated by a 'Swap-a-lot party' outside the Scotch Uniform Shop on Saturday 13 November 2010 from 10am to 12 noon. There are three ways you can help, either:
• Donate paint (on the day or prior at the waste transfer station), clothes or toys (bins are available outside Mr Williams' Office/Senior School Staff room from Weeks 1 - 4)
• Come along on the day, swap stuff or help out
• Forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

More information and instructions are found on the flyer.

Garden Industry Alliance

The GIA is a coalition of peak industry groups incorporating Irrigation Australia Limited (WA), the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia, the Nursery and Garden Industry Western Australia, the Turf Growers Association of WA, Turf Australia and Compost WA. The group has recently tabled a Joint Position Statement to government that calls for the implementation of a suite of initiatives, ranging from the reinstatement of rebates for water saving technologies to be supported by sophisticated community education programmes, through to the introduction of mandatory irrigation standards and the provision of alternative water supplies for new housing.

"Industry wants to work with government to meet the required scheme water savings to avoid the continuation of the one day per week irrigation roster, or even worse, a complete ban. It will require a whole of government and
industry response to bring about rapid changes to business as usual. It's ambitious but it can be done if we work together." Please see the attached Media Release and the GIA's Joint Position Statement.


You can access the Music department's information such as instrumental music timetables, upcoming events and classroom materials at the Scotch College website, iShare. Using your parent login, browse to https://ishare.scotch.wa.edu.au/groups/thevmdthevirtualmusicdepartment. The Music department Handbook 2010 can be accessed at the Music section on the Scotch website.

The Music Department Calendar can be accessed at this link.

Instrumental Lessons and Ensemble Rehearsal timetables are available on line at the iShare site and from Moira Cross, Music Administrator, contact details below.

Towards the end of Autumn Term and into Winter Term major events were held for Music students. Firstly, the Year 11 and Year 12 Senior Recital was held in the Dickinson Centre which was the culmination of the year's work for the boys undergoing performance exams as part of their classroom Music studies as WACE or IB students. This was a fantastic event enjoyed by all who attended.

On 22 September the Senior musicians attended the End of Year Music Department Dinner together with Music staff. A huge smorgasbord of Italian cuisine was enjoyed as the leaving Year 12 musicians were farewelled. A parting speech was also given by the outgoing Music Captain, Scott Montarello.

Two events which have enjoyed by many boys and parents this term include the breakfast held at the Gooch Pavilion on 20 October. FOSM parents were thanked for their tireless efforts during the year and Mrs Tracey Astbury, FOSM President, was presented with a bouquet of flowers. The leaving Year 12 musicians also presented a signed cymbal to the Music department which has been magnificently framed and is hanging on the wall for all to enjoy.

Year 1 has had a busy few weeks finishing up their unit on Home Alone and will be wrapping up the year with a unit looking at music and instruments that are made and found in the environment around us!

Year 2 has been interviewing musicians and Music teachers from Scotch College and the local community for their "Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work We Go" unit. They have had a great deal of fun learning about different music professions and practicing their interviewing skills. To finish the year, Year 2 will be exploring different styles of music and how they differ.

Year 3 are continuing their unit exploring how music is used in different cultures as part of ceremonies and cultural practices. So far we have explored Mexico, Europe and the Pacific Islands. The year will finish with an emphasis on Christmas music practices across cultures.

Boys in Years 4 to 7 are focusing on style and form this term in classroom lessons. The Year 4 boys performed their Term 4 musical "Treasure Island" on Wednesday 3 November in the Chapel.

Year 5 have produced board games on musical instruments while Year 6 have researched instruments from other countries to produce posters.

Year 7s have researched musicians and have presented live interviews with the artists. The boys will be doing instrumental work for the remainder of the term as they create soundscapes and musical compositions.

Upcoming Events

Piano Recital Day will be held on 9 November.
The Junior School Assembly held at 2pm on 12 November will feature the Junior School Choir.
The Middle School Assembly held at 8.45am in the Chapel on 12 November will feature the Middle School Choir and the Year 7 Rock Band.
The Junior School Choir will be entertaining aged care residents at St Ives Centre in Murdoch on 26 November.

The End of Year Christmas Concert ,featuring musicians from the Middle School Years 6 and 7, will be held in the MacKellar Hall on Wednesday 17 November at 6pm concluding at 7pm. This concert is an opportunity for the various Ensemble Development Programme groups, Concert Bands, String Ensembles, Vocal and Guitar Ensembles plus some small combinations, to perform and showcase their work over the last couple of months. It is a free event that is open to all who wish to celebrate the end of a very full musical year for the Middle School.

There are several musical performances planned for the remainder of the year and individual email notices will be sent to all performers who are involved in the following events. Please read the communications carefully as boys are often involved in multiple ensembles and multiple events:
Piano Recital Day
Junior School Choir to St Ives Centre
Christmas Concert
Junior School Christmas Lunch
International Arts Day
Valedictory Chapel Service
Junior School Presentation Afternoon
Middle School Speech Night
Senior School Speech Night

Contact Details
The Instrumental Programme is administered by the Senior School Music department and all queries should be directed to the Music Administrator Moira Cross on 9383 6841 or email.

Please send any queries regarding Junior and Middle School Music to Liz Leith via email.

Alternately, please contact Mr David Coughlan, Head of Music, via email or phone 9383 6842.

If you wish to become more involved in supporting the Music department by receiving information about the work of FOSM, please email.


Individualised Parent Logins

Last week saw the successful rollout of 2700 individual personalised logins for every current parent of Scotch College. By now, each parent should have received an email from the School indicating the process for setting their password, logging in to iXL360, and accessing many of the digital resources available at the College such as the Strategic Plan and iTunes U. Any current parent who believes they have not received this email, or requires assistance in accessing the Scotch resources, should contact Information Learning Technology Department directly on 9383 6866 or email.

Boys in Years 5-7 have been reminded this week to be vigilant in protecting their laptop computers. The common causes of damage are laptops transported out of their bag, laptop use on uneven surfaces, and laptops dropped through carelessness. All boys have been reminded that the cheapest laptop repair is the repair you don't need to make. At Scotch, we understand that from time to time laptop computers will be damaged, and this is why we have a loan fleet available for all students when a laptop is in for repair. Boys therefore have been asked to be vigilant in these remaining weeks of term to ensure that minor breakages are reduced in order to protect this valuable investment.

The College is currently investigating with Apple computers the issue of minor hairline cracks appearing on the hinge between the screen and the base of the laptop. Whilst we investigate this issue, boys are asked to be careful in their use of the laptop computer. Once we have received instructions from Apple computers, we will advise boys and parents of the appropriate means of repair.

We welcome parents to attend our Parent Workshop sessions which are advertised online in the 1:1 Stop Shop. Parents can use their personalised username and password to register for these sessions which run on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 1°.


Indigenous Communities Education Appeal

On Wednesday 24 November, Cameron House is hosting a festival fundraiser for ICEA after school at the Gooch Pavilion. We are raising funds and awareness for the education of students in remote areas of Western Australia. These communities have issues with attendance rates and literacy. The money we raise on that day goes towards promoting these two things within communities in the Kimberley and Pilbara. The activities at the event include a staff vs student cricket game with commentary, a sausage sizzle and cake stall, boomerang dot painting, a special aboriginal dance performance, tug-of-war challenges and a raffle that includes some amazing prizes! Everyone in the Scotch community is invited down to spend time with family and friends and to support a wonderful cause. Please bring your smiles and your generosity. Any donations are tax deductible and prizes for the raffle are most welcome. Please contact Jordan Owenell in the Senior School for any further information. Look forward to seeing you there!


Please notify us by phone or email of your son's absence early in the morning of the day of his absence. We are telephoning the parents of all boys whose absence is not accounted for at the start of the day. Please help us by letting us know if your son is not at school on a particular day.

Absence of leave for sickness
I would like to remind parents in the Senior School that boys may not be collected from School without the boy signing out. It is really important for us to know where boys are at any time of day and we take the roll at every single period.

If a boy is feeling unwell he needs to report to the Health Centre having sought permission from a member of staff, and the Health Centre will advise the parents if necessary. It is not acceptable for a boy to ring a parent to say he is not feeling well and wants to go home. We need to know where boys are at all times during the day. I would encourage parents to please remind their sons of this significant safety issue.

Senior School Absences
Telephone: 9383 6928
Mrs Murray, Absentee Officer, will take your call or you can leave a message on the voice mail or email absentee@scotch.wa.edu.au

Middle School Absences
Should be reported directly to the Middle School Office on telephone: 93836957

Junior School Absences
Should be reported directly to the Junior School Office on telephone: 9383 6874.

When a boy returns to School after being absent, he should bring with him a note signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for absence.
In the Senior School this note should be directed to Mrs Murray at the Student Services Office. Parents should understand that an absence note is often not dealt with by Mrs Murray when the boy is present. As some signatures are virtually indecipherable, and in other cases the surname of the signatory is different from that of the boy, it is essential that the boy's name, initials, House and Year group be given clearly in block capitals. There is a page in the Student Diary where parents may advise the School about student absences.

Leave During the Day or Late Arrival
If a boy needs to leave school during the day for an appointment, he will need a note from a parent explaining the leave. He should present this to the Student Services Office which will record his departure and return.

Boys who arrive late to school (ie. after 8.35am) should similarly report to the Student Services Office to sign the Late File.


Reminder about the upcoming book sale for boys going into Year 8 in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 1 December starting at 5pm.


A big thank you to all the parents who dropped off second hand books for our indigenous scholarship students. We have six new students starting in February 2011 in Years 7 and 8 so would appreciate any donations still. There will be a box left in reception.


Year 7 Boys
Your son will have most of the uniform required for Year 8, but it will nevertheless take about half an hour to get the few extra items he needs for Senior School. To avoid congestion and long queues in the Uniform Shop at this busy time of year, we encourage you to make an appointment. Please email or phone 9383 6838 to set up a suitable time during Term 4.

Year 12 Blazers
The Year 12 blazers have arrived in the Uniform Shop. They are stocked in a selection of youth and men's sizes. There are a limited number of blazers per size. Because of the unknown nature of the overall size of Year 12 boys and to avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you come in for sizing ASAP. We recommend that a parent or guardian accompany the boy when purchasing.

Opening Times
Tuesdays 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Thursday 7.30 am - 11.30 am
Fridays 7.30 am - 11.30 am

Junior School


Date Event
Location Time
11 November Remembrance Day Service Lawn area outside the Chapel 10.50 for an 11.00am start
12 November
Junior School Assembly featuring Year 2 Chapel
17 November Junior and Middle School Music Christmas Concert MacKellar Hall 6.00-7.00pm
19 November Final Junior School Assembly Chapel
23 November Junior School Christmas Lunch- Years 3-5
Dining Hall 1.00pm
26 November Junior School Choir to St Ives in Murdoch Murdoch 1.15-3.00pm
1 December Junior School Presentation Afternoon
Dickinson Centre 2.00-3.15pm
1 December Year 5 boys and parent Afternoon Tea Dining Hall
1 December
Last day of Academic Year for Junior Boys 3.15pm
3 December Junior School reports posted home

* For selected students only


The final weeks of the academic year promise to be a busy and eventful time for everyone in the Junior School. The boys will be immersed in a range of exciting learning opportunities until the final day of term on Wednesday 1 December. In addition, we are looking forward to our annual Remembrance Day service, music concerts and assemblies. 

I encourage all parents and members of the College community to attend our Presentation Afternoon on Wednesday 1 December. The details of this event are listed below and we hope to see everyone there on the day. It is going to be a very special afternoon.


The Years 1 to 5 Presentation Afternoon will be on Wednesday 1 December 2010 at 2pm in the Dickinson Centre. On this day, all students from Years 1 to 5 will officially finish school after the Presentation Afternoon at 3.15pm. All students in the Junior School will wear their formal summer uniform. Parking for parents and special guests will be available on the Scotch playing fields.

Our Presentation Afternoon promises to be a great occasion for Scotch College Junior School students. The order of service will celebrate the endeavours, achievements and community spirit our School has promoted throughout the year. The doors of the Dickinson will open at 1.40pm. The Presentation Afternoon will conclude at approximately 3.15pm, when the students will return to their classrooms before heading home for the Christmas holidays. Parents and students in Year 5 will then be invited to move to the Dining Hall for light refreshments between 3.20pm to 4pm to mark the transition to Middle School.

The Presentation Afternoon serves as an occasion to recognise particular individual contributions and achievements as well as musical performances and we look forward to seeing many of you on the day.


In the last week of Spring Term, the Junior and Middle School will be preparing for relocation over the summer holidays. The Junior School will endeavour to keep disruptions to a minimum. Your continued support during this busy time is greatly appreciated.


In 2011 the uniform shop will stock art shirts for purchase. The art shirts will be available in a variety of sizes and they will no longer be a booklist item.


Please note that the canteen will close at the end of Tuesday 30 November. Families who use the canteen will need to make alternate arrangements for the last day of the Junior School Spring Term.


At the end of the year, once the boys have left for their holidays, Scotch staff has the opportunity for some intensive PYP professional development. This December the Junior School staff will be involved in a Collaborative Planning workshop. This is an official IB workshop, which is developed, organised and delivered through the IB. The workshop is coordinated through the IB and is recognised for evaluation purposes.

Our workshop will be run by Chris Wyatt, the PYP Coordinator from St Pauls, New South Wales. The two day workshop will explore IB programme standard C2: "The school has implemented a system through which all teachers plan and reflect in collaborative teams."

The Collaborative Planning workshop will focus on how teams collaborate effectively and what collaboration is required within the PYP. It will help the Junior School staff develop some key understandings, including:
• Planning is collaborative, across the curriculum (horizontally and vertically) and involves all teachers working with PYP students
• Assessment is integral to the planning process and informs ongoing collaborative planning so that the PYP planner becomes a coherent record of teaching and learning
• Planning strengthens the transdisciplinary nature of the curriculum and ensures the pedagogy of the PYP is pervasive across the programme
• The ongoing process of collaborative planning incorporates students' prior experiences and interests and differentiates to support the learner's inquiries.

I look forward to sharing the photos from our workshop early in 2011!

Amanda Ritchie
PYP Coordinator


The Year 5 boys have been recently exploring the properties of various materials. They are trying to determine which materials are more effective for packaging objects to be transported, manipulated and carried. In a recent experiment the boys worked in teams to test and explore the properties of different materials. The boys discussed and developed their scientific vocabulary throughout these experiments using such terms as density, elasticity, malleability, porosity and transparency.

Anna Clancy
Year 5 Teacher


Looking for Cultural Signals...
In the Year 3 classroom, students have been learning about "How people express their beliefs, ideas, and values through music, language and art". To understand culture, we can readily look at and analyse artwork, as a means to look for visual clues of cultural signals. 

So in Art, the Year 3 classes have been investigating Australian artists as part of their Unit of Inquiry 'Cultural Signals' where the central idea is focused on the notion that 'People express their culture and traditions in a variety of ways'.

Initially, I asked the boys what Australian artists they already knew to establish their prior knowledge. They didn't readily recall any, so I decided it was time to set up the Wall of Fame. We set up a space where we could begin to collect and discover information and images to showcase Australian artists. I started the collection, introducing the boys to the work of Adrian Lockhart, a Sydney resident who mostly uses black line and wash technique and expressive line work to capture a time or place. I then encouraged the boys to draw like him, sketching manmade and natural elements in our School environment. The boys have steadily been contributing to this collection and it is growing so much it has some artists featured up on the ceiling, as we have run out of room on the wall.

What has impressed me is the wide range of artists it features including; indigenous artists such as Minnie Pwerle and Thomas Tjapaltjarri, Heidelberg School artists Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton, outback artists such as Pro Hart and Fred Williams, graphic artists such as Ken Done, local artists such as Jos Myers and contemporary artists such as Shaun Tan. One of my all time favourites, John Olsen, is also featured.

Putting together a collection such as this requires students to develop and show certain behaviours, as outlined in the IB Learner Profile Behaviours: open-minded, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

We will now be embarking on some risk taking behaviour in decorating four large umbrellas for our Junior School picnic tables, adopting four different artists' styles.

I Look forward to seeing the finished umbrellas around the school!

Karen Sabitay
PYP Visual Arts Specialist


The FS&F coordinator along with the brains of the team (Mr Nugent) will soon be conducting a survey of the new Junior School grounds so as to ensure the Junior School boys have adequate playing areas by the commencement of classes in 2011. They will also be looking at clearly defined playing area boundaries as well as safety issues in relation to the movement of traffic and ensuring all students are monitored at all times.

Warwick Norman
FS&F Coordinator


Bonjour! Year 4H has been hard at work learning about different French gestures in order to create a link with the Unit of inquiry "My Brilliant Machine". In a team of two, boys researched a specific gesture and its meaning. They then proceeded to teach and explain the gesture to the rest of the class. They delved into this inquiry with much enthusiasm and found interesting and imaginative ways to demonstrate their gestures to the class. Here is a photo of Felix Jones and George Mitchell teaching the class "Il a un poil dans la main", a gesture that signifies that someone is lazy.

The French student for the last fortnight is Milan Narula of 1W. Milan stays focused and productive in class. He also listens attentively and participates with enthusiasm during activities.

Madame Edwards
French Specialist


With the hot days starting to roll in I would like to remind everyone that hats are essential. Some students have been coming to PE without hats however we are a sun smart school and a hat is essential for any outside activity.

The Year 5 boys have made an impressive start to the Spring JPPSA sport season. From all reports they have been training hard and have been conducting themselves in a very professional and diligent manner.

The Year 1s continue to work on their fundamental movement skills. We have now incorporated dodging into our throwing, catching and kicking.

Year 2s are still working on different throwing techniques and identifying which throw is best suited for what situation. Over the coming weeks we will be adding kicking into the programme.

Year 3s have now moved on from Italy (soccer) and are now onto Japan (baseball/tee-ball). Our next country is Egypt, where we will be learning about the game of basketball.

Year 4s are continuing to discover ways in which we can train our body to adapt to certain situations. We are currently looking at ways we can improve our hand/eye co-ordination. We are still doing our 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 1x1 minute bridge before each lesson.

Year 5s are completing fitness testing. We have completed an 800m, 1 minute push up test, 1 minute sit up test and a beep test. The boys have been enjoying the challenge and are eager to look for improvement when we test again in a few weeks time.

A reminder that swim squad is still running and will continue until the end of term. We had an impressive turnout at the first session. All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

Jason Caniglia
Head of Junior School Physical Education


It is that time of the year for all boys (Mums and Dads are optional) to look through book shelves, down the side of the couch, under their beds or in the magazine rack for any overdue Scotch Library readers. We will continue to encourage the boys to borrow one good fiction book right up until the last week but we need all other books returned ASAP so that we can have them cleaned, repaired and ready for the boys of 2011.

Mr Warwick Norman
Teacher Librarian


We have received notification that Camp Australia, who has been running after school care on the Junior and Middle School campuses this year, will not be offering this service next year. An alternative after school care provider has not been sourced. We are currently looking to see if a bus service to an existing after school programme elsewhere is possible.


Year 1
Matthew Kerfoot
Fraser Davis
Max Avon-Smith
Archie Burt
Matthew Howie
Ben Ramsden

Year 2
Luke O'Loughlin
William Frewin

Year 3
James Thorpe
Josh Kerrich
Oscar Moss
Mac Boyle
Ben Howie
Jack Banfield

Year 4
Jonathan Prior
Matthia Au
Connor Enslin
Sebastian Chadwick
Nicolas Rogers
Sam Eastland

Year 5
Cameron McVeigh
Sam Steens
Joshua Pretorius

Middle School

With school playing such a significant role in our lives, it is no surprise that children are most frequently identified as belonging to a school rather than their suburb, club or some other association. I was reminded of this on two occasions last week when the actions of some our boys, out of uniform and unconnected with school, triggered two very different emails into my inbox. The first email congratulated a Year 7 Scotch boy on swimming a qualifying time for the national swimming championships next February. It was a delightful email to read and to share. The other email informed me of some disappointing social behaviour of several Scotch boys over the Halloween weekend. This was a disheartening email to read. A key point I have been sharing with our boys this week is that good reputations, both personal and institutional, take ages to build, can be tarnished in a moment and take a long time to rebuild. Acting with integrity, one of the great Learner Profile goals of our school means doing the right thing, even when you think noone is looking. The satisfaction of doing the right thing should be enough but it is also wise to consider that most of the time someone probably is looking and quite likely adjusting their opinion of us.


Our final Assembly of the year is on this Friday 12 November in the Chapel. It is the last chance for our House Seniors to present to the School and our last chance to demonstrate our emerging marching prowess to the Headmaster. We will also be farewelling Revd and Mrs Syme at this Assembly. On the programme are two whole Middle School items, 'Farewell Captain' and 'Hallelujah'. I look forward to you joining us if you have the time this Friday for this important Assembly.


Last term Middle and Junior School indicated we would adopt a new approach to the annual booklist program for 2011 and take advantage of bulk purchasing power to purchase student booklist items on behalf of families for 2011. There are a number of advantages to this system, the most significant being the considerable savings to parents.

This week a reference copy of the Year 6 or 7 booklist is being mailed home to you. This note is to inform you of the items on the booklist and the cost to you. There are separate costs for each year group with the only variable being whether your son will receive French or Indonesian Language B resources. A letter outlining the advantages of this approach and an opting out return slip accompanies the mail out.


This Thursday 11 November, Scotch College is hosting a combined swim meet for PLC, Penrhos and Wesley Year 6-12 students. This meet is for our boys currently participating in the before-school swim programme and boys who would like to be in the swimming programme who haven't been able to make it to practice yet! This is a great first up event for the season to get some times that boys can then work on over the swimming season.

Details are: 6pm for a 6.30pm start. Goggles and Scotch bathers required. The meet will finish between
8-8.30pm. Sausage sizzle with drinks will be available.


During Week 1 of next term, 2011, Middle School will run a Swimming trials evening in a bid to gather times from boys interested in representing Scotch at Inters. This gives us an opportunity to see current and new boys early enough to commence preparations for the Inters Carnival mid first Term. Middle School Swim trials is a new item on the Middle School calendar and, along with the House Swimming Carnival on 15 February, will be the two means of selecting Year 6 and 7 Middle School boys for the Inters team.


We have received notification that Camp Australia, who has been running after school care on the Junior and Middle School campuses this year, will not be offering this service next year. An alternative after school care provider has not been sourced. We are currently looking to see if a bus service to an existing after school programme elsewhere is possible.


A number of Middle School teachers visited a Balinese orphanage during the last school holidays and the stories of the children attending to their education despite no resources what so ever has inspired a fund raising opportunity. Friday 19 November, Middle School will hold a free dress day to raise money for a children's orphanage in Bali. A gold coin is required for the privilege to wear free dress to support these orphaned children.

Please note additions and details of all new events on the coming events list. The last four weeks of term are action packed.


Thursday 11 November Remembrance Day flag ceremony 11am
Thursday 11 November
Scotch Swim Meet - 6.30-8pm Scotch Pool
Friday 12 November
Final Middle School Assembly, Chapel, 8.45am
Wednesday 17 November
Junior School and Middle School Christmas Concert, Mackellar Hall, 6-7.30pm
Thursday 18 November Middle School Interclass Spelling Bee Competition
Friday 19 November Science Fair Year 6 and picnic lunch
Friday 19 November Free dress day, gold coin donation
23-27 November
Year 7 in Senior School transition week
Wednesday 1 December Yr 8 Second hand book sale, 5pm Memorial Hall
Thursday 2 December Year 7 Breakfast, Dining Hall, 7.30am
Thursday 2 December
Middle School Speech Night, Dickinson Centre, 6.30-8pm Winter Uniforms


"The Best Surfer in the World" is: A) Kelly Slater, B) Jim Riekie, C) Hugo Coulson, D) The one having the most fun. 

The answer is D. The one having the most fun. 6D surged to Lancelin on Wednesday 27 October for three days of sun, surf and sand (although we could have definitely done with a bit more sun!).

Once we arrived we got straight into the surf to enjoy the freedom of the water. With the help of the instructors from "Learn to Surf" (including Simon, Sue, Goldie, Jarla and Jackson), we all demonstrated our gnarly skills on the board by trying to stand up and we are happy to report that by the end of day three most of us had succeeded.

Our gnarly skills were not only limited to the surf, we also did some radical mulching at Frogs Rock. Frogs Rock is a rehabilitation area set up by Lancelin Primary School to provide a healthy environment for frogs to live, and we were happy to help out by mulching the garden beds because at Frogs Rock frogs rock!

Everyone enjoyed the trip to Lancelin and we hope the Year 5s get as much out of it as we did when they go next year. There is so much to enjoy about this annual event including tenting, bus rides, good food, playing at the park, talking and laughing with your mates, struggling to get wetsuits on and off, trying new tricks in the surf and did we mention laughing with your mates?!

Class 6


Alexander Ventouras
Alex Crump
Antonio Baxter
Declan Stick
Thomas Barwood

Matthew Verryn
Guy Straker

Jordan Wilhelm
Zane Syed

Graeme Stewart
Hugo Shervington

James Shackleton
Thomas Walker

Rory Walker
Tim Andrew
Daniel Wee
Tom Prior
Declan Hardisty
Alexander Cain
Connor Henderson

Senior School


All parents are warmly welcome to attend the 114th Speech Night on Friday 3 December 2010 at 6.30pm in the Dickinson Centre. There is an expectation that boys will be present at Speech Night. An invitation is attached. We look forward to saying farewell to our Year 12s on the front lawn at the end of Speech Night as the Piper plays 'Auld Lang Syne'.


Captain of Boats
Hamish Murray, Year 12 Brisbane
Vice Captain of Boats
Harry Stewart, Year 12 Keys

Design an Ad Competition for the West Australian
Our two Year 9 classes entered the Design an Ad competition for the West Australian last term and Thomas Youngleson (Yr 9 Ross) has achieved a Highly Commended. Over 2000 entries were submitted, so Tom did really well. He designed a print advert for AQWA.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award
was awarded to
Jack Tesser, Year 11 Ferguson House
Nicky Swe, Year 11 Keys House.

Edith Cowan University Year 11 Citizenship Award was awarded to:
Philip Clegg, Year 11 Shearer

Edith Cowan University Year 11 Business & Law Award was awarded to
Mac Cole, Year 11 Keys

Jack Copeman (Brisbane Year 12) came second in the under 18's triple jump competition at the state all schools championships. This qualifies him for the Nationals competition in December.

Zac Hardisty, Year 10 Anderson recently received a 'Very Good' level in the Centre for the Greek Language (CGL) examinations.


2010 Australian Mathematics Competition

The Australian Mathematics Competition was run last term throughout all schools Australia wide. This year we had 674 students participate in the Australian Mathematics Competition across Middle and Senior School. 2010 was a successful year for Scotch College with our students receiving 93 Distinctions, 13 High Distinctions and one Prize Winner, Vaughan Chin in Year 7.

High Distinction winners are awarded to the top 2% of students which represents an outstanding achievement.

High Distinction winners for 2010 where Hamish Blanchard Year 7, Dylan Woods Year 8 Keys, Julian Sanders Year 8 Anderson, Luke Paganin Year 10 Shearer, Andrew Murray Year 10 Brisbane, Timothy Edwards Year 10 Anderson, Matthew Lesslie Year 11 Alexander, Henri Van-Breda Year 11 Brisbane, Cameron Locke Year 12 Cameron, Oscar McNulty Year 12 St Andrews, Jem Smith Year 12 Stuart, Jeremy Nixon Year 12 Ferguson and Charlie Shenton Year 12 Brisbane.

Congratulations to all boys involved.

2010 Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad (WAJO)

Jackson Clarke, Jordon Lilburne, Alex Lolev and Campbell Mellor represented Scotch in last weekend's Western Australian Junior Mathematics Olympiad held at UWA. The boys participated in both individual and group events against the brightest mathematics students from other schools in our State. Whilst our boys did not place this year, they performed extremely well, particularly in the group stage. Congratulations to these boys.

2010 Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO)

Eight Scotch students were selected to participate in the Australian Intermediate Mathematic Olympiad held last term. Less than 800 students Australian wide are invited by schools to sit the paper. The AIMO is conducted by the Australian Mathematics Trust and is an extension of the Mathematics Enrichment programme that our brightest mathematics students are invited to participate in. The AIMO consisted of eight questions in which the students had four hours to complete under examination conditions. Luke Straker, Year 10 Brisbane, performed particularly well and was awarded a distinction for his efforts placing him in the top 25% of students. Congratulations to Matthew Lesslie (Year 10), Matt Jonklass (Year 10), Andrew Roche (Year 10), Aidan Archer (Year 10), Campbell Mellor (Year 9), Alexander Lolev (Year 9) and Matthew Mann (Year 8) who were the other participants.


Training in Spring Term
Scotch Swimming has commenced every Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday at Scotch College pool. Training starts at 6.45am and concludes at 7.45am. Breakfast may be purchased from the canteen after the sessions.
Training in the holidays
We will continue to train three mornings throughout the summer holidays from 7.30-8.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. There will be a training break for Christmas and the New Year, with the last session before Christmas being Friday 17 December. Training will then restart Monday 10 January 2011with no training on Wednesday 26 January.


There are two parent information evenings this term and both are held in the Dickinson Centre from 6.30pm.

Year 10 Monday 15 November
• Structure of the year
• Outdoor Education
• Community and Service
• Personal Project
• IT Plans
• Social issues/PLC Links

Year 11 Monday 22 November
• Structure of the year
• Leadership model and training
• Study organisation/Private study period/progress/concern
• GAP Opportunities
• IT
• Year 11 Dance/PLC Links


The Personal Project officially began for Year 10 students on Tuesday 26 October. Students met their supervisors for the first time and were given specific information about organisational aspects of the Project. They received a Process Journal file and several booklets. They began to complete the 'Getting Started: The Application Process' activity sheets.

Another two conferences are scheduled for this Term in Weeks 4 and 6. Details of the meeting times for Week 4 are available on the Project noticeboard outside the BRC. Students are encouraged to investigate their topic during this time and plan their project. Once students have identified a topic, they need to complete an application form and return it to their supervisor or the Project Leader. STUDENTS MAY NOT BEGIN THEIR PROJECT UNTIL THEIR TOPIC IS APPROVED. These forms will be returned to the students, once approved. The deadline for submission of forms is Friday of Week 6, 26 November 2010. Boys are strongly encouraged to submit their forms prior to this date if they are in a position to do so. After this date topics may only be modified, rather than completely changed.


2011 Hawker Scholarships Open Soon

The 2011 C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships open on 6 December and close on 7 January.

The scholarships, valued at up to $60,000.00 over four years, are the most generous privately funded scholarships available to undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia.

The C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships are available to Australian students to study at a large number of Universities and Colleges.

An application form, scholar profiles, including the seven recipients in 2010, FAQs and the remarkable life story of C.A.S. Hawker can be found on the website.

Information is available by contacting the secretary to the trustees on (08) 8127 1654. Selection is based largely on personal qualities as well as academic ability. The scholarships commemorate the memory of scholar, soldier, pastoralist and statesman Charles Allan Seymour Hawker.

Hofmann Engineering 2011 Apprenticeships

Hofmann Engineering is offering apprenticeships in Machining/Mechanical Fitting and Fabrication commencing in 2010. Application details can be obtained from Mr Frusher at Scotch or by contacting Hofmann direct.

Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University is still accepting applications for Semester 1, 2011. Applications can be made directly to the university and do not incur an application or late fee. Please contact the Prospective Students Office on 9433 0533 to make an appointment for a campus tour, to receive course and application advice or to be sent an application pack.

NDU is offering a Tertiary Enabling Programme (TEP) which is an alternative entry programme to undergraduate studies at Notre Dame. This course is available to students who did not reach the minimum entrance score for university in their TEE and also to students who completed Year 12 but did not undertake TEE subjects. For further information contact Notre Dame University.

ADFA Education Award

Applications are now open for students who wish to apply for an Australian Defence Force Academy Education Award. Contact Defence Force Recruiting Centre on 13 19 01 or visit the website. Scotch College had two successful applicants in 2009.

UWA Year 12 January 2011 Holiday Academic Extension Programme

The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts at The University of Western Australia has been running a very successful design studio for Year 12 secondary students. The studio is designed to give entering Year 12 students an academic extension experience well beyond their school experience. They are faced with the very challenge of solving design problems, learning to work with new computer design tools and ultimately drawing and then constructing a model of their design concepts. This all takes place in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts over four days and culminates with an exhibition of the student work. The studio is a very intense learning experience. The students are treated as university students and need to work well beyond their comfort zones. While the studio gives students a taste of the discipline of Architecture, it also provides them with very stimulating intellectual experiences and is a wonderful, positive beginning for Year 12.

The cost for four days tuition is $220 per student (including GST). Included in the studio are a site visit, lectures in art history, drawing, design and theory classes, computing lab and modeling workshops. Students need no prior knowledge and no artistic skills. Students participate in an exhibition at the end of the studio.

Please contact Annette Pedersen (school representative) on 93830435 or Sophie Giles (university representative) on 0438 911 044 or by return email.

Eye Opener Vocational Assessment

An Eye Opener Assessment can help you to learn more about yourself and your personal strengths and 'stretches'. It will help you to explore what you may value in a career and ultimately your preferences for particular courses of study or employment options.

Years 10, 11 or 12
An Eye Opener assessment assists students with personal goal setting and motivation and can include advice on subject selection and career pathways. For more information contact Tracy Hart on 0409 764 347 or visit the website.

January School Holiday Opportunities

See the attached flyer for information and enrolment in Senior Study Skills, Junior Study Skills and Speed Reading courses being offered in January 2011 at Scotch College.

Gallipoli Short Term Exchange 2011

An exciting and important youth exchange initiative is being offered by Rotary in 2011. Rotary District 9455 is introducing an innovative initiative called "Australia - Turkey, Gallipoli Short Term Youth Exchange Programme" that was pilot tested by Victorian Rotary District 9800 in 2009. The Exchange Programme will enable young students from Australia to go to Turkey, live with Turkish families and attend Anzac Day ceremonies at Gallipoli. On 1 April 2011 three Year 10 and 11 students from Scotch College will join with another 12 students from schools in other Australian states to go on a once in a lifetime opportunity of visiting Istanbul and Gallipoli. In Turkey, students will be home-hosted by Rotary or school families to experience the local cultural environment.

At the end of their stay, the students will all attend the ANZAC Cove Dawn Service and Lone Pine ceremony at Gallipoli on 25 April 2011, the 96th Anniversary of that tragic campaign. They will depart for home soon afterwards.

In July, 23 high school students from Turkey will be coming to Australia in exchange, to be hosted by the schools taking part in the programme, the northern hemisphere's holiday period.

The estimated cost is airfare and insurance which is about $2400 will be subsidised by Rotary and RSL. Apart from pocket money needed, it is not expected that there will be further costs in Turkey. Local communities, both in Australia and Turkey, are responsible for raising the funds to subsidise the students' travel and insurance costs. Rotary Clubs support the project by donation or assisting with fund raising for the cost of airfare and insurance that is shared between the student and family, sponsoring Rotary Clubs, schools and the RSL clubs.

Expressions of interest are being called for from Year 10 and 11 students who may wish to be considered for this opportunity. Depending on interest generated, final selection may be based on an essay and interview. Please send expressions of interest to Mr Peter Frusher at Scotch College.

Gap Year Opportunity 2011

Stoke College, Suffolk, United Kingdom
A UK Gap year position has become available at Stoke College, Suffolk, United Kingdom, start date January 2011.
Stoke is a small and friendly mixed Boarding School with up to 20 weekly boarders.

If any leaving Year 12 students are interested in this exciting role please contact office@stokecollege.co.uk or neale_ansell@hotmail.com.

EF High School Year Overseas

There will be a free information evening to discuss overseas exchange opportunities in 2011 offered by EF High School Year Overseas.

EF Language School
365 Beaufort Street, Highgate
Wednesday 17 November 2010 or Thursday 4 December at 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Volunteer Host Families Needed

Overseas students will be arriving in January 2011 and require host families. There are two different programmes arriving ranging from five months to 11 months. We have high school students and also community volunteer (18+) participants arriving from countries including Germany, Japan, Austria, Argentina and many more.

Gain friendships that can last a lifetime. Whether you have cattle or a poodle, six children or none, you have the perfect family. For more information please call Joyce on 9534 5823 or visitwww.afs.org.au
Nee flyer


Attached to this newsletter is the updated list of School tours for the 2011 School year.

If you have further queries regarding any of the tours please do not hesitate to contact the Tours Administrator Rebecca Kennington on 9383 6956 Monday-Wednesday or via email.


Senior School
Students who require a new card or wish to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card should go to the Student Services office.

Middle and Junior School
Students should go to their respective office Receptions to order and pick up their cards.


In the current spell of hot weather we have allowed boys to remove their ties. May I remind parents that it is vital that a boy has the House colour on his left pocket on his shirt so we can identify boys by House, which is such an important part of knowing the boy at Scotch College.
We are thinking of a trial period in February where boys in Senior School will not wear ties but this is dependent upon us being able to recognise the boy by his House stripe.


Parents are reminded that space around the School is at a premium at pick up and drop off times. Parents are requested to take care when parking and not block the driveways of local residents.

Particularly, parents and staff should be aware of new parking regulations that were implemented last year. These arrangements have been made by the Town of Claremont in consultation with Scotch College and our area neighbours.

Parking signs and regulations are in place for the western side of Australind Street and the western side of Central Avenue between Shenton Road and Saunders Street.

Both these areas will be "No Standing" at all times other than for permit holders. This means that these areas will no longer be available as drop-off areas for students or parking areas for staff and visiting parents. Rangers will be able to issue fines of $105 for each violation of the new parking regulations.

Australind Street is very congested around 3.30pm and it is recommended that parents use other access routes to pick up their sons.


Comfort Packs for the Homeless

Boys in the Year 11 IB Diploma Programme will be putting together Comfort Packs for the homeless as part of their commitment to service. In partnership with UnitingCare West's Tranby House the boys will be preparing the packs, ready for distribution to individuals and families in need. The aim is to put together 50 packs.Specific items needed for the packs are:
• Hand towel
• Deodorant
• Facecloth
• Toothbrush and paste
• Conditioner and shampoo
• Soap/body wash
• Sun Screen
• Shaving cream
• Safety razor

If you can assist with this project, please drop of donations to the Senior School Reception or contact Mr Bill Cordner on 9383 6927 or email.

Similar items are also required for the 2010 Homeless Connect Day on 17 November . IB Diploma students will be assisting to erect marquees and set up the tables holding donated goods. In addition to toiletries, Homeless Connect also requires clothing and shoes (new and recycled for men, women and children), underwear (must be new) and canned, non perishable food items. These can also be left at the Senior School Reception.

Support Groups


Last week we had Orientation Day, which again was a wonderful day. A very big thank you to Fiona Lang and Alice O'Donnell for their amazing work and for overseeing the morning whilst I enjoyed the morning being a new Year 8 mum for the last time! Thank you also to all the fantastic volunteers who helped. My sincere thanks for again giving up your precious time to help out. The morning tea was wonderful. Also many thanks to Brett Barrett and his team for all they do.

The last thing Fiona and I will be asking you to help with is the Valedictory Dinner. This event is on Friday, 26th November. We need a certain number of parents to help and also approximately 70, (2011) Year 12 boys. A note will have gone out to all Year 11 boys by the time you read this. Please encourage your boys to help out and be involved on this very special occasion.
We have had a great response to the Valedictory Dinner Workshop on the 19th. I look forward to seeing many of you on that date at 60 Leake St, Peppermint Grove.
If you can help at the Valedictory Dinner on the 26th November please email Fiona Lang on, langs11@westnet.com.au

The Year 7 Parents' Breakfast is 3rd December so please get your forms in for that ASAP for catering purposes.


The Parents' Association held its AGM on 20th October 2010. At the meeting, Reverend Syme, Kate Quinn and the PA Committee farewelled the President for the last 3 years, Genevieve Cleary. On behalf of the Scotch College community, the PA extends its warm appreciation to Genevieve for her outstanding service. Also retiring from the Committee at the AGM were Maurice Ford (Vice President) and Miles Ponsonby (Secretary). Peter Banaszak (Treasurer) and Martin Jurat (Vice President) are stepping down from office but remain as Committee members. The Committee would also like to extend its gratitude to the departing Committee members as well as the Committee members who are stepping down from office.

The PA Committee for the 2011 School year is as follows:

Co-President: Rod Ehlers
Co-President: Brian O'Donnell
Secretary: Gail Campbell
Treasurer: Emma Plummer
Committee Members: Gordon Stewart, Joe Stolz, Stephen Meerwald, Andrew Lang, Peter Banaszak, Will Hammond, Henry Esbenshade, Graham Anstee-Brook, James Smith, Martin Jurat, Carole Tinney, Duncan Clegg and Jenny Sinclair

Forthcoming items on the PA calendar of events are:

5th November 2010 Year 7 Parents Dinner
31st January 2011 - Family Barbecue

The incoming and continuing Committee members look forward to working with all Scotch parents and other Support Groups, to help make 2011 a great year for all. The next PA meeting has been changed to Nov. 11th.



We are pleased to once again present a wonderful selection of items of food and accessories to complement any table or give as gifts. This year, we offer:

• Christmas Cake, Fruit Mince Tarts, Shortbread from "For The Coffee Table"
• Plum Pudding, Stained Glass Cake and Bon Bon fruit cake from "Simply Beautiful Biscuits"
• Tasmanian Smoked Salmon from Partridges Vacuum packed fresh for 21 days and can be frozen
• Olive Oil from Guinea Grove Farm - award winning organic cold pressed extra virgin oil.
• Bulk supplies of Clingwrap, Baking paper and Foil
• All Purpose and Champagne Glasses with Scotch College Crest (boxes of 6 glasses)
• New this year: stunning glass beer tankards with frosted Scotch Crest.
• Tea / Coffee Mug with Scotch College Crest
• Pipe Band tea towels, coffee mugs with Piper & Drummer design by Dean Alston
• Aprons featuring Scotch College Crest
• Rolls of quality Christmas and Plain wrapping paper and organza ribbon
• Scotch notepads with Piper & Drummer design by Dean Alston - great stocking fillers!
• Gift Cards design by Jos Myers.

Products will be on display in the Pipe Band Room until Friday 19th November. Extra forms are available from the Pipe Band Room or Reception. All proceeds from this fund raising venture will go towards uniforms and equipment for the Pipe Band.

Please complete the attached order form and return it as soon as possible, with full payment, to Scotch College RECEPTION or the PIPE BAND ROOM or FAX to: 9385 2286. Please make cheques payable to Scotch College or authorise the charge to your school account with your signature.

Enquiries can be directed to Gayle Hammond on 0409 185 474 or Catherine Clegg on 0413 009152

Orders must be returned by: FRIDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2010

Collection Of orders Will Be From The Pipe Band Room On:

THURSDAY 2 DECEMBER 8.00 - 9.00am and 2.30 - 3.30pm
FRIDAY 3 DECEMBER 12.00-2.00pm

Thank you for your continued support.

Community Notices


These free parenting workshops at Balcatta Senior High School, 31 Poincare Street, Balcatta will be facilitated by Debbie Bushell from Parent Teen Matters and aim to build positive relationships between parents and teenagers.

Monday 15 November, 7pm - 9pm
Building Respectful Relationships and Positive Communication Strategies
• How to build your teenager's self esteem and encourage self respect
• Why is the ability to 'really listen' to a teenager's point of view essential to respectful and harmonious relationships?

Tuesday 23 November, 7pm - 9pm
Managing Challenging Situations and Behaviours and Setting Boundaries
• What are some of the vital factors that ensure tricky situations for teenagers and parents are managed positively and successfully?
• What does simple commonsense, backed up by years of research tell us about parenting that works?

Tuesday 7 December, 7pm - 9pm
Building Resilience in your Teenager
Developing resiliency in teenagers starts at home and it is crucial that parents provide the skills and tools for their teens to use now and in the future.
• What does resilience mean for a teenager?
• What protective factors should parents be aware of and how can they support teenagers develop a resilient and healthy attitude to manage the ups and downs in life.


The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, May 14 2011
In 2011, the third day of The Positive Schools Conference presents the inaugural PARENTS DAY: A day where teachers and parents can meet together to gain valuable information about developing and improving all aspects of family wellbeing and nurturing happy and confident children and teens.
Early bird rates start from $265 plus GST. Please enrol before December 2010 to guarantee a place.

Flyer and registration form attached or visit the website.

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